Sympathetic Ropes

Sympathetic Ropes

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Here is a new twist on a very popular rope effect!

You show two sets of rope one set in GREEN and the other set in RED (colours may vary).

The GREEN set has three ropes that you show are all the same length as each other, and these are given to a spectator to hold.

The second set of RED ropes is now shown to have different lengths short, medium and long and can if you wish be passed for examination.

Suddenly as if by magic the RED ropes become all the same length as each other, while the GREEN ropes are now the ones to become different lengths, short, medium and long.

Then just as quickly both sets come out in sympathy with each other and both sets become different lengths!

The sets of ropes can be freely examined by your audience.

Comes complete with two sets of ropes (longest approx 42”, 107cm) & instructions.

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