Boxed In

Boxed In

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You remove your pack of playing cards from its card box & leave the box in the middle of the table in full view, meanwhile the deck is shuffled.

A spectator chooses a card whose name is noted by everyone and then returned to the pack in a reversed state.

Your spectator now goes through the face-up deck, checking that there are no duplicates of the chosen card, and counting that all the cards are present. When he comes to the reversed face-down card he sets this to one side.

You say a magic word or make a magic gesture and when the face-down card is turned over it is NOT the chosen one but a blank card with a written message LOOK IN THE BOX!

Anyone opens the card box, which has been in plain view from the start, and there inside it is the chosen card!

The card can reappear in the box or anywhere else you prefer; in your pocket, your wallet, attached to the outside of a window etc. - the message card indicates where the spectator is to look.

Boxed In is an easy to do effect using your own deck of cards & card box that is not gimmicked and may be examined.

Comes with a couple of Bicycle blank-faced cards to write your message on, the special something that automatically does the trick for you, routine & instructions.

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