Adair's Fishy Tale - packet of TEN

Adair's Fishy Tale - packet of TEN

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This one ticks all the boxes! A real money spinner to demonstrate and sell at your shows or in markets, magic clubs, holiday camps and public houses etc.

Based on the pocket sized (4 x 1 inch) Boomerang principle so it is practically self-working.

Two fish one RED and one YELLOW on coloured backgrounds are shown and you tell the tale about two fishermen measuring their catch, both claiming to have the largest fish.

First the YELLOW fish is larger and then the RED fish grows bigger, you repeat this a few times.

Or tell the Bible story of the fishes and loaves.

But what is this? The magician seems to be making suspicious moves, is he secretly turning the boomerang shaped pictures over?

But NO when you show the opposite sides of the two boomerangs they form together to make a picture of a CAT that ate the fish for his supper!

Everybody is fooled by it and everyone will want one; making you a nice profit.

They also make a great gift for the participants that helped you in your show.

Comes in packs of TEN SETS of fish-printed boomerangs (approx 4 x 1", 10cm x 2.75cm) each with their own instructions.

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