Mon - U - Mental

Mon - U - Mental

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An amazing prediction effect using playing cards that is ideal for close-up, parlour and table-hopping!

You pass out a sealed envelope for safekeeping to anyone – you could even send it in the post in advance of your show or have it suspended high in the air so that it never leaves the sight of your audience.

You never touch this prediction envelope again until it is opened.

Several Bicycle playing cards are now freely displayed; there are no duplicate or fake cards amongst them.

Any spectator now names any number (a free choice) between one and ten and the card at that number is removed and handed straight to the spectator – there is no switch of the chosen card.

The other cards are now spread across a table to show they are all different to each other and they really are; anyone can examine them.

Your prediction envelope is now opened to find it contains a single card inside which when it is removed and freely displayed exactly predicts the chosen card!

The prediction envelope can now be left with your audience, as this is not faked of in any way.

•The spectator has a free choice of number – no force.
•Works every time and easy to do.
•Eddie’s intriguing subliminal persuasion presentation makes this a miracle!

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards, prediction envelope and instructions.

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