Worlds Fastest Prediction

Worlds Fastest Prediction

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A Mr E Exclusive

One of the funniest Mental Routines EVER!

Announcing that you will present the World’s Fastest Prediction, you place a jumbo-sized playing card in full view of your audience.

A lady now selects a card from a regular deck and remembers its name. Just to be doubly sure two other people are shown the card and are also asked to remember its name.

You are about to show your prediction and the lady announces the name of her chosen card out loud, let’s say she names the Six of Diamonds. This is now double checked with the other two spectators, but what’s this? The second spectator names the chosen card as the Jack of Spades, while the third spectator names it as the Ten of Clubs.

All three spectators cannot be right and the obvious mix-up creates a very funny situation indeed; as each spectator claims their card as being the correct chosen one.

This is a great comedy moment and you can play it up for all its worth, commenting on the participants’ poor memories and playing one off against the other.

All comes right in the end when you eventually show your single jumbo prediction card to be a combination of the Six of Diamonds, the Jack of Spades and the Ten of Clubs!

If you want a fantastic comedy prediction routine then you will find nothing better, ideal for walkabout, cabaret, stage or TV.

Comes complete with jumbo prediction card, clever gimmick, instructions & Eddie’s exclusive comedy routine. Use your own regular deck of cards.

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