Eggs-Peri-Mental - Sale item

Eggs-Peri-Mental - Sale item

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Eggs–Peri–Mental is a very clever trick indeed, you introduce a cloth bag and five coloured plastic break-apart eggs (colours may vary) explaining that four of them contain a consolation prize while the fifth egg holds something of value!

Members of your audience can carefully examine the bag, and no it is NOT a change bag or faked in any way. The five eggs are dropped inside, the bag is sealed at the top with a zip fastener and then shaken about by another audience member to thoroughly mix up the eggs within.

Four spectators now pass the bag between them and each reach inside and remove one egg (positively no force), they can change their minds as often as they wish, leaving one egg inside the bag which is again sealed closed with the zip.

Each of the four spectators are now given the chance to exchange their egg for the one zipped inside the bag; once they are satisfied they break open their eggs and each finds a consolation prize inside, perhaps a wrapped chocolate rather than a hard luck note so no one is too disappointed.

Your final egg is removed from the bag, opened & found to contain a genuine banknote!

Ideal for children or adults’ shows, close-up, cabaret or stage. Easy to do.

Comes with the small break-apart plastic eggs (approx 1” x 1.75”), unfaked zipped bag (approx 10.5” x 11”) & instructions. Use your own prizes & banknote. Half price

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