Scarf or Rope Thru' Neck

Scarf or Rope Thru' Neck

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A superb classic penetration illusion. A long scarf or a length of rope is wrapped just once around your neck then suddenly & mysteriously it passes clean through without injury!

The scarf can also be knotted at the front and after penetrating through a neck the loop and knots are still intact and can be untied by any member of your audience.

If desired the scarf or rope can be penetrated through a spectator’s neck creating lots of laughter and audience participation or for a more glamorous approach a lady’s leg or waist or adapted according to your own imagination.

The scarf/rope used can even be borrowed from a member of your audience. Most people learn this terrific trick in two or three practice tries.

While completely safe in operation we do not supply this item to juveniles.

Comes with silky scarf (approx 1 metre x 15cm), a suitable length of rope and picture–illustrated instructions.

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