Drawer Box - Wood

Drawer Box - Wood

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The Drawer Box is one of magic's best production props and has survived over the decades because of its simplicity & ease of operation. It is one of the very few production props capable of holding a load almost as large as itself!

This quality wood Drawer Box is a handsome prop for platform, parlour or stage shows and is suitable for small livestock or traditional production items, with some special features.

A convenient size it will easily hold a couple of doves, a small rabbit or several baby chicks, budgerigars or white mice.

With inanimate objects, or special compressible production goods, the production can be impressively large.

Special see-through holes reinforces the illusion when the box is shown to be empty & clever laminated runners on the secret drawer and the inside of the box make for smooth low-friction operation, and also preserves the paint finish for longer life.

A special locking arrangement in the inner drawer enables the inner half draw to be pulled out to the maximum extent without any fear of being pulled right out & so exposing the secret.

Limited supplies available & sold at a very fair price for such a beautifully working prop.

Comes with wooden Drawer Box (8" x 5" x 4", 20.25cm x 12.5cm x 10cm) & instructions. Colours of Box may vary from the one pictured.

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