Psychic Foresee

Psychic Foresee

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If you could predict what would happen in a few minutes from now, you could not do so in a manner simpler than what we outline here! Based on Raymond Maynard’s stunning 4-C effect.

You make a prediction on a folded card, which is set aside in full view. Now you call for words, numbers, dates, celebrities, or for that matter any items of interest that you wish. These are jotted down in a simple notebook.

Later when any spectator reads out your card it proves to be 100% correct! No awkward double turnovers or reverse pads etc., indeed the whole routine is devoid of unnatural moves.

A triple prediction system that leaves you beautifully clean at the finish. The fastidious mentalist could not ask for a better method.

Only ordinary items are used which can be left with your audience at the finish.

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