Funky Faces

Funky Faces

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Based on our close-up effect Potty Spots (see the video) this is a larger more visual version using laminated pictures instead of playing cards and suitable to perform for all ages.

A superb perverse comedy effect that is perfect for your close-up and parlour performances.

You show two sets of five laminated cards each with a different coloured egg-shaped Funky Face on it, explaining that you will play a Funky Face matching game. The idea is to match each Funky Face with another one of the same colour.

A spectator makes perfectly free choices but unfortunately none of the five sets match so, in exasperation, you put up a ‘Trick for Sale’ notice!

Suddenly, however, you are struck with an idea and you turn each set of two cards over to show they all have different animals such as elephant, dog, monkey etc. printed on their backs and lo and behold, all five of the sets of two by two animal cards match each other just like Noah’s animals in the Ark for your startling climax!

Can be performed as per the video or we suggest a quicker version that you may prefer.

Funky Faces is very easy to do and everything can be left for examination at the finish.

Comes with two sets of matching laminated picture cards (approx 4” x 5.75”) ten in all, special sign & instructions.

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