Perfect Mental Key

Perfect Mental Key

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A heavy padlock with five keys is introduced and your spectator finds that only one of them will open the lock.

The padlock is now isolated in a glass tumbler held by a member of the audience (no switch of the lock).

The five keys are dropped by a spectator into an examined opaque bag and he thoroughly mixes them (no switch of any of the keys).

Five spectators now each choose a key holding it tightly in their fist.

Mysteriously you locate the spectator who holds the correct key to the lock and the participant himself opens the padlock to everyones amazement!

Everything locks and keys can be thoroughly examined. Easy to do. This is a super limited edition sold on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Comes with lock (approx 3" x 2",7.5 x 5cm) keys & instructions. Use your own bag.

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