Impressions - 7C model

Impressions - 7C model

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The impression of a selected playing card magically appears on the magician’s handkerchief.

A spectator selects a card from your regular deck which is shown around and then shuffled back into the pack.

Taking your pocket handkerchief you form it into a bag by holding the four corners and have the deck dropped inside, saying that the selected card will now penetrate through the handkerchief. But nothing happens.

Handing everything to a spectator you ask him to take out the pack and spread out the handkerchief to see what has gone wrong.

When the hanky is opened out to everyone's amazement the selected card is now permanently printed upon the handkerchief!

A “magical” handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket and can be used to perform many effects.

Comes with the cotton Handkerchief (21" Square, 53cm) & instructions. Available in 2 designs: 7 of Clubs or 8 of Diamonds. Use your own pack of cards,
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