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This is proving to be one of my favourite close-up effects; it really is a fooler and a lot of fun!

You write a prediction (perhaps on the back of your business card for people to take away), which is left writing side down in full view.

Asking for a spectator to help you who has a good imagination, you introduce six blank playing cards, these are then mixed together, and you also reveal a blank die - a die without any spots on its six sides.

Spreading out the blank cards you state that your spectator is to imagine each card has a different playing card face on it and the die has the usual set of six spots.

Your spectator is allowed a few practice runs with the die; calling out each time which imaginary number they have thrown, as you explain, “just to prove the die is not loaded!”

Finally they freely throw the die and then announce which number is now showing on its upper side, this is an entirely free choice from one to six, and the die is then placed on the back of the card that appears at that freely chosen number, no counting or spelling.

The other five cards are now shown back & front to be blank on both sides. Your prediction is read out loud (no switch) let’s say it is the Queen of Hearts (it will be different with each repeat performance), and you show the chosen blank card as you explain, “You also have to imagine the chosen card is also the Queen of Hearts!”

Just when everyone thinks its all just a gag, the blank card is turned over and on its opposite side is the Queen of Hearts!

Two alternative routines are explained.

Note the following points: *You can repeat it with different prediction cards, so great for table-hopping *Free choice of number *Cards are mixed & cut at the start *No spelling to the card or similar *Only six cards used * Easy to do.

All the other cards are shown to be blanks.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle Poker sized cards & instructions.

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