Red Growing Tie

Red Growing Tie

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You are wearing an attractive red tie - President Donald Trump style! during your performance or on a night out.

Gradually as you go about your business the tie grows longer and longer until it is almost touching the floor! This hilarious effect happens while you appear not to notice – but your audience certainly will with hilarious results.

Alternatively you tell your audience that you worry about telling a lie during your performance as it is not your nose that grows but your tie that always gives you away – and then let it grow steadily longer.

Red Growing Tie is a great running gag. Ideal for magicians, comedians, clowns and other entertainers who want to put laughs into their show. Also great to use at parties, weddings and other celebrations.

Comes with a nicely made red silky tie (approximately 37”, 94cm long), special gimmick & instructions.

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