You Must Be Joking!

You Must Be Joking!

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Terry Seabrooke was one of the leading comedy magicians in the UK and a close friend for many years, this was one of his favourite comedy items and right out of his professional act.

A prediction is handed to a helper, who is asked not to look at it yet.

A second helper selects ANY card out of the deck let's say it is the five of diamonds but he can change his mind and take another card if he so wishes.

The first helper looks at the prediction and reads it out loud, it reads 'You will not choose the Queen of Hearts'. This of course is perfectly correct and always gets a laugh!

You say, "The selected card is NOT the Queen of Hearts but it should have been because the entire deck is made of them." The entire deck is now spread out to show the deck is all Queens of Hearts!

Note all the decks are made with different all-alike cards so the Queens of Hearts is only used as an example of the effect.

A great comedy climax and an intriguing mystery!

Comes with the special Bicycle deck, Seabrooke's comedy routine & instructions.

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