Totally Blanked Out

Totally Blanked Out

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Exciting, simple, direct close-up card trick using four of a kind!

You show four playing cards of a kind face up, for our example let’s say these are the four Aces (cards will vary from set to set).

One at a time you magically cause each card to turn face down and to have a blue back.

Suddenly however you are holding one BLANK card and then in a startling manner all four cards change to blank cards on both sides faces and backs!

You explain that it has all been an illusion using just four completely blank cards.

If you wish, four double-blank cards can be left with your audience to examine to their heart’s content.

This mesmerising effect requires just a little handling practice but is easy-to-do. No rough & smooth or sticky stuff involved.

Comes with quality Bicycle cards, instructions & Eddie’s entertaining patter routine.

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