Mental Persuasion

Mental Persuasion

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Based on well-tested sure-fire methods, this is the ideal mental effect for close-up, cabaret or television performances, which Eddie has featured in his shows for many years.

Three spectators are each asked to think of a number and with due concentration you make each of them a written prediction which is handed straight to them to hold tightly in their own hands so you cannot touch it.

Using a number of playing cards the card indicated by the spectators’ simply thought of number is removed, and directly handed face down to each of the three participants.

They in turn read out loud their written prediction (no switches or one ahead) and then reveal the names of the chosen cards they hold and amazingly each match exactly to your predictions.

You now claim that your experiment was not based on mindreading or your ability to predict the future but on your powers of persuasion and that really you had no need for the rest of the cards in the packet, showing them all to be just blank playing cards!

Everything used can then be left for thorough examination (no switches) without any clue to your mystery. Easy to do. A proven winner at every performance!

Comes complete with twenty-six quality Bicycle playing cards, notebook to write your predictions & instructions.

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