Stretch Rubber Chicken - set of three

Stretch Rubber Chicken - set of three

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Great new comedy prop for clowns or magicians. You can do many gag routines with this STRETCHY chicken.

Just under eight inches long you can stretch it to double its length!

Great as a production item easily folded and palmed then produced from under someone's coat of from inside a lady's handbag. "I see you have brought your lunch with you!"

Or produce them from any production prop such as a large change bag or square circle and then finally produce a large Rubber Chicken (see elsewhere on our website). "These are the chickens and this is the hen that laid them!"

Great in a dove act or similar as a visual gag.

Comes in a set of three rubber chickens (approx 8", 20cm long) no instructions.

Only £9.99

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