Jumbo Mental Eight

Jumbo Mental Eight

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Simple, direct mindreading - an incredible mental effect using eight examined jumbo cards!

You pass out eight jumbo-sized playing cards for examination; they are not marked or specially prepared in any manner.

A spectator mixes the cards thoroughly and with the cards in his own hands and your back turned, he then simply remembers the name of any one of them (no force).

Apparently, reading his mind you correctly name the chosen thought-of card without failure and with no messing about. You can then repeat this stunning feat a second time with a different spectator thinking of a different card!

This has to be the best method to date of revealing a mentally thought-of card. It can even be performed over the telephone.

Can also be used in a two-person mental act as used successfully for many years by Pauline & Eddie. Ideal for clubs, cabaret, stage, television, close-up and impromptu performances.

No memory work is required and it is easy to do. You can also perform it with eight cards taken from a regular sized or borrowed deck.

Comes with eight unfaked jumbo cards & instructions.

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