Bewildering - Jumbo Size

Bewildering - Jumbo Size

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A truly B’Wildering effect using a single playing card that can remain in view at all times and yet proves to be the exact duplicate of one simply imagined by your spectator.

Using an invisible deck theme, you hold a single playing card back out towards your audience saying to a spectator, “Let us play a game of imagination. Visualise a full deck of playing cards, remove all the spot or picture cards, which have you removed, spots or pictures?”

The spectator says, for example, “Spot”. “That's incredible,” you say. “Now, please remove either the red or black cards!” Let’s say they say, “Red Cards!” Again you congratulate them.

Finally in this manner you narrow everything down until they are left with the two Queens of Hearts, and Diamonds and again they have a free choice of which of these they keep or discard and are even given one last chance to change their mind. Let us say they end up with the Queen of Diamonds.

Without any false moves or sleight of hand you slowly turn around the card that you have been holding in full view from the start - it is the Queen of Diamonds!

The cards can be different each time. This is an ultra-simple approach to the name any card effect. No sleights or rough & smooth – easy to do!

Comes with two special cards & instructions. Available in two different sizes: Close-up size & JUMBO Cabaret & Stage size.

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