Think-Animal Mr E

Think-Animal Mr E

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Based on our popular ‘Think-A-Drink’ effect but using animal pictures and so making it suitable for children’s shows. Lots of extra fun when you have the children make the animal noises.

You show your spectators twelve jumbo sized laminated cards each with a picture of a different animal on them, and a spectator simply thinks of any one of the twelve.

The cards are now mixed and you turn your back or can even wear a genuine blindfold. The spectator now deals the animal cards into two piles, shows his chosen animal so everyone can concentrate on it and then the chosen animal picture is freely mixed in with six other animal cards.

The spectator now calls out the names of these seven animals and you claim to be able recognise his chosen one by an inflection in the spectator’s voice when he reads out the one he has chosen.

Incredibly, despite the spectator reading the animal cards out in any order he likes, you are able to immediately name the freely chosen animal every time!

•Cards are not marked & can be examined by the audience.
•No force of the chosen animal.
•No peeping, your back is turned or you wear a genuine blindfold during and after the selection.
•Easy to do and cannot fail, you will do it straight away.

Comes complete with the twelve laminated jumbo sized animal picture cards, two suggested routines & instructions.

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