Gordon the Giant Gorilla

Gordon the Giant Gorilla

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Here is a low cost fun trick for your new children’s show featuring a picture of a giant gorilla.

Telling the classic story of Gordon the friendly giant gorilla who was so large he frightened some of the inhabitants of the local village, so a number of them arranged for him to be caught and they put him into a cage, however they soon came into difficulties, as he was too large to transport away from their village.

They called upon the local medicine man to come up with a solution, and all the children have to recite a magic spell “Walla Wonga Woo” as the cage containing Gordon is turned three times, and it seemed to work, for when the picture of Gordon is now shown he has shrunk to less then a quarter of his original size.

But this didn’t satisfy the other inhabitants of the village for they wanted Gordon to stay large and protect the village from raiders, so they asks the medicine man to change him back again with the help of the children.

The spell is now pronounced backwards as the cage is again turned three times “Woo Wonga Walla” everyone mutters and lo and behold Gordon is back to his large old friendly self once again and free to enjoy his jungle wanderings, as you continue, “And nobody knows how the medicine man worked his magic, I don’t know, the mums and dads don’t and you children don’t know either!”

Your young audience soon put you right because they don’t seem very impressed – even the little ones know that you are just turning the A5 laminated picture around inside the cage and they tell you so in no uncertain terms.

You insist that it is all done by magic – so the children demand to see the other side of the picture. Now follows the usual “turn it around” business – which you misunderstand and simply turn the picture in a circle without showing the opposite side. “Show us the back,” cry the children – so you show them your back, still keeping the back of the picture concealed!

Finally you get the message that the children wish to see the opposite side of the picture– so slowly and reluctantly, you show the opposite side which has a picture of the jungle medicine man and no sign of a smaller Gordon!

If you wish you can have Gordon change from large to small Gorilla and then back again as the villagers argue between themselves.

Comes complete with A5 sized laminated cards & instructions.

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