Die Ception

Die Ception

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You show six laminated square plaques each spotted like a die from one to six and six sealed envelopes also marked with the numbers one to six which are laid out in full view of the audience with their numbers uppermost.

The die plaques are shuffled, mixed & turned over by an audience member behind their back and then brought forward one at a time to be accepted or eliminated by five different spectators each of which takes the envelope corresponding to their die number. You receive the last envelope left over.

Spectators open their envelopes to find hard luck papers or stage notes, horoscopes, lottery scratch cards or just as you prefer. We make several innovative suggestions in the instructions supplied.

You open your envelope to discover that it is stuffed with real banknotes or your cheque for that evening’s performance that you gambled and fortunately won! The spectators get dud cheques. (This is a shrewd way to get your cheque from the organiser before you start your show!)
Note the following points:
•100% certain with no chance of your losing.
•Repeat it for the same crowd with different results.
•Make the birthday boy or girl the winner if you prefer.
•Surprisingly easy to do and a real fooler.
•Carry it in your pocket for stage, cabaret or close-up.

Comes complete with dice plaques (2.25", 6cm square) & instructions. Use your own envelopes, money & prizes.

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