Musical Playing Card Prediction

Musical Playing Card Prediction

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As supplied to and used extensively by Tommy Cooper. This is an improved version of a gag Cooper used for many years both in his act and on TV.

You show an A6 sized envelope explaining that you have a prediction inside and leave it in full view of your audience.

Using your own or a borrowed deck of cards, showing they are all different and mixing them together, one is chosen by a member of your audience but its name is kept secret by them for the moment.

From your prediction envelope you draw out with its back to the audience, a single jumbo playing card and unexpectedly play a few musical notes on the card explaining that it is, “a playing card!” A guaranteed laugh producer and icebreaker in any act.

Your spectator names and shows her chosen card and you look at the face of your jumbo playing card saying, “Correct!” creating more laughter.

Just when your audience thinks the whole thing is just a gag you turn the jumbo card to face the audience and it is an exact match for the spectator’s selected one! A hilarious novelty that is easy to do.

Comes with the jumbo Musical Playing Card, routine, instructions & our copyrighted performance rights. Use your own regular deck & card force or the one we supply.

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