Zenner Miracle Match - JUMBO size

Zenner Miracle Match - JUMBO size

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Following our release of this popular effect in regular sized Zenner cards we have had several requests to also release it in jumbo size cards suitable for stage & cabaret and here it is.

We understand that Derren Brown has presented a Zenner matching trick in his live performance ‘Something Wicked Coming Your Way’ while we haven’t seen the show, several of our customers have been so impressed that they have telephoned to ask if we can supply something similar. While we don’t know what method or routine Derren used we think that you will find this stunning effect hard to beat!

You show two sets of jumbo A5 sized Zenner cards as used by Dr J.B. Rhine in his famous extra sensory perception experiments at Duke University in the 1930s. A spectator takes one of the cards that she secretes into a plastic wallet. Both packets are mixed and shuffled by both the spectator and you.

Explaining how the cards are used to test ESP, the average being one match in every five, you lay your cards face down one by one and the participant tries to match them using their ESP.

When the cards are shown at the end your audience will not be able to believe their eyes, as each and every card that the participant has laid down exactly matches yours – even the card hidden away inside the wallet exactly matches your last card!

Was it truly ESP or did you predict or control their actions? They will never know because no clue is left and everything can be freely examined at the finish.

*Only ten ordinary jumbo Zenner cards are used; no extra cards.
*No fake cards, sticky stuff or anything similar.
*The cards are NOT marked in any way.
*No force of any kind.
*Easy to learn and perform; no skill required.

Comes complete with ten laminated jumbo Zenner cards (7 x 5.25") & picture-illustrated instructions.

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