Rabbit's Tail

Rabbit's Tail

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Here is a fun trick for your children’s shows exclusively from the Mr E range of magic for younger children.

The plot is simple; Peter Rabbit has lost his tail and in the hilarious routine that follows you attempt to rectify matters using your magic, only for the children to turn YOU into a magic bunny with stand-up ears & bushy tail!

You show a large A4 picture of your favourite magic rabbit, Peter, drawing particular attention to his bushy rabbit’s tail, but the children cannot see this as you are showing the picture’s front towards them, leading to lots of ‘turn it around’ business and great hilarity.

Eventually, you show the back of the picture, which depicts the back of the rabbit – but oh dear his bushy tail is missing, giving you the opportunity to magically create a tail either by sleight of hand or producing it from a prop that you already own.

The tail is vanished and should appear on the rabbit’s bottom, but something goes wrong and it shows up on his ears creating much amusement and laughter.

Trying again, you vanish the tail but this time it fails to reappear on the rabbit picture at all so you go looking for it, turning your back to the children who to their great delight tell you that the tail is on YOUR rear.

When you realise where the tail has ended up you turn and face the children and they see you are also have a large pair of rabbit’s ears on your head and if you are very active you can hop around the stage like a giant bunny for the fun-filled climax!

Comes complete with A4 sized laminated rabbit pictures, A4 switching window envelope, rabbit ears, three rabbit tails & instructions.

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