Number Necromagi

Number Necromagi

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You show four laminated jumbo-size cards with different numbers on each side, running from one to eight.

An audience member is given a free choice of which two number cards he wishes to pick even turning over any card that he wishes to form a different number, yet you have successfully predicted the total of his chosen numbers!

Alternatively, you can predict the name of a playing card, Tarot card, famous names, colours, symbols, tunes, film stars and other items that appear at a chosen number on lists, business cards, etc.

Invaluable to help you introduce your client’s products or services at corporate events and shows.

Using this clever and deceptive principle we also explain a Great Book Test and many other strong sensational tricks that you will be able to perform with ease.

Also ideal if you need a dependable force in effects such as the one ahead, Mental Epic or anything similar as the spectator is given several free choices of what he wishes to do and yet he will always end up with the number, or a variety of numbers that you wish him to choose.

We give you several ideas with these colourful number cards but you will soon be thinking up many more of your own.

Highly recommended for the newcomer, amateur, part-time or professional magician and mentalist, who will find many amazing uses for these colourful cards in a variety of ways.

Comes with laminated number cards (approx 4 x 5.5”, 10 x 13.5cm) & instructions.

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