Super Prediction - Triple Climax

Super Prediction - Triple Climax

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You show a colourful board with large numbers from one to six clearly displayed upon it, besides each number a playing card is attached in a face down position. A large prediction envelope is passed to a spectator for safekeeping.

Any spectator has a free choice of any number from the board (no force) and the card attached to the selected number is isolated in an extended position on top of the board.

You now ask the spectator with the prediction envelope if he wants to see the prediction or see the chosen card first.

According to the spectator's choice you show the chosen card first, let's say it's the Seven of Diamonds, a jumbo prediction card is removed from the envelope and shown - to discover things are not as expected! The prediction card is read out loud by the spectator and reads: YOU HAVE NOT SELECTED THE JOKER.

You stretch out your arms for applause but no one is impressed as the prediction is not an exact match but when the other five cards are shown they are ALL Jokers and all the cards can be passed out for close examination.

Still sensing your audience are not satisfied you turn over the board to show an exact jumbo match of the selected card the Seven of Diamonds, bringing the effect to a sensational climax!

Comes complete with board (approx 14.25" x 7.25", 36 x 18.5cm), jumbo card attached, jumbo word prediction in an envelop, a set of playing cards if you wish you can use your own playing cards and thus vary the prediction for repeat performances,& illustrated instructions.

With its size & weight this item may attract extra postage on overseas orders.

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