Contrary Prediction

Contrary Prediction

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You place an A6 sized envelope in full view claiming that it contains your prediction and then lay out in a row six regular Bicycle playing cards all faces down.

Any spectator gives you a number from one to six and note this is their own free choice that you don’t influence in any way. The card thus indicated is placed in full view

The prediction envelope is opened and seen to contain a single laminated A6 sized card with your prediction on it which when read out loud says: ‘I predict… You Will NOT Choose a BLACK card!’ The chosen card is turned face up to show its face and it is a RED faced card. Your prediction is correct and you stretch out your arms for your applause only to be greeted with laughter as everyone thinks it is a gag!

Feigning disappointment at your audience’s reaction you turn the other five cards over to show each and every one of them is a BLACK faced card - tarah!

Sensing your audience are not impressed by the outcome your prediction card is turned over to reveal on its underside a duplicate of the RED faced chosen card with the message ‘I Predict… This is the card you WILL Choose:’ bringing the effect to a suitable applause pulling climax!

Everything can be left for examination as no fake cards or gimmicks are used making this ideal for close-up, walkabout & stand-up. Easy to do. The prediction card can be varied.

George Blake named this sort of magic as ‘Perverse Comedy’ and when you present this in your close-up or parlour shows both you & your audiences will absolutely love it!

Comes complete with laminated A6 size prediction card, regular, quality Bicycle playing cards, routine & instructions.

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