Monster Mental Table hop size crds

Monster Mental Table hop size crds

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Everyone loves monsters and here we bring you five of the weirdest monsters you ever did see with which you can entertain your audience. Their names are as follows:

1. Green Fingers who has lots of green fingers to make you itchy.
2. Big Mouth responsible for those noises you hear when its dark.
3. Pop Eyes when you know someone’s watching – it’s HIM!
4. Hairy Scary responsible for all those hairs on beds and carpets.
5. Weedy – grows in your garden and bigger than your house.

Your audience will have lots of laughter & fun with your descriptions of the above monsters as outlined in our routine. These cartoon monsters will also help you prove to everyone that you have ESP beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The monster portraits are on Table Hopping (A6) size laminated cards, which are mixed & placed either face down or into five unfaked and unmarked envelopes. A spectator mentally thinks of just one of the characters and then moves the cards about while your back is turned.

A moment later you can name or mysteriously reveal the selected monster in any way you wish!

Easy to do and may be repeated again and again. A monster of an effect at a pocket money price.

Comes with the five colourful cartoon character monsters, five regular unfaked envelopes, two routines & instructions.

Only £9.99

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