Devil's Triangle

Devil's Triangle

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A bizarre and mysterious effect using the Devil’s Triangle and any deck of playing cards.

Laying the Devil’s Triangle upon a table you state that the Devil is controlling all human minds and offer to prove this statement with a pack of playing cards - the Devil’s playthings!

You show your deck, shuffle it and then let any spectator deal cards onto the Devil’s face until they have an urge to stop. At this point they deal three hands of cards onto the three points of the Devil’s Triangle.

One card from each freely dealt hand is now turned face upwards and everyone remembers these three randomly chosen playing cards.

But are they really random or is the Devil involved? Anyone turns the Triangle over to find a pocket in which three Satanic Black Cards are found. A spectator removes these devil cards turning them faces upwards and they are an exact match of the spectator’s three chosen cards! Proof indeed that the Devil is in full control!

666: This is an alternative presentation whereby the three chosen cards prove to be 666, Satan’s fiendish number that invokes the Devil!

Wit h each climax an alternative prediction paper is also revealed with a truly scary prediction enough to give anyone nightmares for a week. real scary stuff to be used ith care.

You can use any regular deck of playing cards even a borrowed one. The prediction varies for repeat performances. Tarot cards can also be used to great effect. Easy to do!

Comes with the special Devil’s Triangle (approx 8.5” x 5.5”, 21.5 x 14cm), black prediction cards, routines & instructions.

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