The Ultimate Faulty Follower - GIANT size

The Ultimate Faulty Follower - GIANT size

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Having enticed a spectator up to help, you hand him eight jumbo playing cards and say, “Please give me any four and keep four yourself!”

This done, both participant and performer carry out some simple movements but, when the cards are counted over, all your cards are face down while the spectator has one face up.

This process is then repeated a second time with exactly the same result.

There is obviously only one answer; the spectator will have to do the actions with both packets! He does so, yet your cards finish all face down and the spectator still has one reversed!

What makes the routine so strong is the fact that jumbo cards are apparently too large to manipulate, the sequence is worked on the classic “three” formula and the methods used each time are different.

The Ultimate Faulty Follower is an amusing and entertaining trick that knocks adults for a loop and I have also used it to entertain children. You will learn it in about 20 minutes or so and then have a winning effect that you can do anywhere – anytime. Highly recommended!

Comes complete with the unfaked giant-sized playing cards & instructions.

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