Clown Nose'Ology A5 Jumbo size

Clown Nose'Ology A5 Jumbo size

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This is a classic Karrell Fox routine to put laughter and fun into your shows. It’s ideal for children & adults alike.

You show four unfaked, colourful, matt laminated Clown face picture cards to your audience, each of which has a different coloured nose, explaining that you are a Clown Nose’Ologist.

The pictures are mixed up and one is chosen by a member of your audience and then shown to everyone while your back is turned, so that you cannot see the free selection.

Everyone is asked to concentrate on the colour of the selected clown’s nose and with due showmanship, you correctly name this successfully but also, as you turn to face them and to everyone’s surprise, you are wearing a clown nose that exactly matches the chosen one in the picture!

You can repeat this again several times if you so wish.

Predict a Nose: Pretending to hear someone remark that you slipped the nose on whilst your back was turned, you face the audience and allow a spectator to mix and then drop the clown pictures one by one until they hold just one picture out of the four.

You pass your hand across your face and instantly are seen to be wearing a clown’s nose. The chosen picture is shown and again the nose you are wearing exactly matches the one in the chosen clown picture. A startling climax to your
entertaining effect!

Clown Nose’Ology is available in two picture sizes; A5, 8 x 5.5” for parlour & close-up or A4, 11 x 8” for stage & larger audiences.

Comes complete with four unfaked clown pictures, four different matching coloured clown noses & instructions.

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