Mini Elusive Rabbits

Mini Elusive Rabbits

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ossibly the greatest comedy trick of all time now in a handy mini size.

You cover a WHITE rabbit with a tube with a white rabbit indicator on the outside and BLACK rabbit with a black rabbit indicator on its outside.

A magic word and the two rabbits "change places" and you can repeat this several times.

But the audience is quick to point out that the rabbits must be black on one side and white on the other and you are simply turning the covers around.

There is lots of fun when you seem reluctant to turn the rabbits around outside the covers as the audience insist so they can see the other sides.

Finally you do turn the rabbits around to reveal one is RED on the back and the other GREEN! You have been leading the audience up the garden path.

Featured by Arthur Dowler in the music halls and Tommy Cooper in cabaret plus many other famous performers worldwide. Ideal for both children and adults' shows as everyone falls for it every time!

Comes with two cut-out rabbits on stands (approx 6", 15cm high including base), two covers (approx 6" x 3.5 x 2", 15 x 9 x 5cm), everything you need & instructions.

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