World Leaders

World Leaders

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An amazing & entertaining effect using the pictures of five prominent world leaders.

You show leaders of five different countries around the world; Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Kim Jong-un and lay these in a face down row.

Any spectator mentally selects and moves a picture at random while your back is turned, no force is used in this. You then turn around and ask the spectator to mix the face down pictures a little more.

Incredibly, as you pass your hand above the pictures as if sensing them, you correctly reveal the freely chosen one every time!

You can also divulge the selected picture in many other ways, for example you show each picture to a spectator asking, “Is this the one you chose?” and they answer, “No” to each question, however you detect which one they lied about and correctly pick their secret mental selection with no further questions asked.

Please note the following:
• No force is used
• The pictures are not marked
• Everything can be examined
• No stooges
• Can be repeated immediately
• Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes with five laminated colourful picture cards of the world leaders named above and instructions.

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