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You introduce a small collector’s style Skull with sparkling crystal eyes, explaining that not only can he hypnotise but he can read minds as well.

Next you show a pack of playing cards which are shuffled & cut and then a spectator selects any one. The selected card is now mixed into 19 or 20 other cards, which are cut a number of times and dealt around the skull in a face down circle upon a table.

The spectator takes the Skull and gazes into its eyes, concentrating on his chosen card then he passes the Skull over each card in turn, whenever he has the impulse he may put it on any card in the mystic circle.

No matter where the Skull is placed it is proved to be a card which in turn will reveal the position of the chosen one!

* Instant reset to repeat the effect.
* The chosen card can be signed.
* No forcing or sleights are used.
* Novel card trick that is fascinating for all.
* Ideal to use with a mini deck.

Comes with mini skull (approx 1.5”x 1”, 4 x 2.5cm) & instructions. Use your own playing cards. Colour of skull may vary from picture.

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