Bottle Twist

Bottle Twist

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Here is a low-cost fun trick ideal for your children’s shows.

A jumbo picture of a bottle of orangeade is shown, together with a single drinking straw, you offer to show the children some magic in which you suck the straw without placing it inside the bottle and drink all the orangeade.

There’s a lot of fun with the straw as you keep missing putting it between your lips, instead pushing it behind your ear, momentarily losing it and then poking it accidentally into your eye etc. Some great clowning minutes here that everyone will love. You could have a child suck & blow with a straw as well.

Eventually you put the picture behind your back and suck on the drinking straw in your mouth and when you next show the picture of the bottle it is empty.

However, sensing that your audience are not impressed you tell them that you will blow through the straw and re-fill the bottle. More fun with the straw.

The picture goes behind your back again as you blow down the straw and when the picture is shown it is filled with orangeade once more. This business can be repeated as often as you like emptying & refilling the bottle.

Your audience are still not impressed and insist that you show them the back of the card with cries that you just turned it around. More fun with the usual turning it around business but eventually you show the other side as having a picture of a bottle but it’s your old baby feeding bottle from when you were a child!

Comes with special laminated jumbo picture card & instructions.

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