Thought Taker

Thought Taker

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This is one of the most practical prediction effects ever – it uses simple props to create a devastating effect – and appears to be genuine mind control of the highest order.

Pointing to a spectator in the audience you ask her to think of the first four digits of her telephone number. You take an ordinary blackboard, dry whiteboard or even a large piece of cardboard and write something on it covering it up with a piece of blank card held in place by a large clip. The board with your covered divination is left in full view.

Pointing to a second spectator you ask him to check the amount of change in his pocket. While he is doing this you write something on the board underneath your first divination.

Next you say that you will make a prediction and again you write something on the board below your first two divinations. The board is now given directly to a spectator who holds it in full view.

A playing card is now selected (or alternatively a word is chosen from a book) in a very fair manner.

The spectator now displays what you have written on the board and both of your divinations and your prediction are all seen to be 100% correct!

Please note the following points:
*Any slate, dry whiteboard or piece of stout cardboard can be used; they are not faked in any way.
*Use your own or borrowed playing cards or book.
*The predictions are bold and can be clearly seen by the audience.
*Everything can be examined as only ordinary articles are used and can be left with the audience without a clue to how it is done.
*Easy to do!

Full secret revealed in our 8-page booklet.

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