Remote Viewing Cards

Remote Viewing Cards

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Remote Viewing is the practice of seeking impressions of an unseen target perhaps at a distant point. With our Remote Viewing Picture Deck, you will be able to perform a bewildering number of truly exciting Remote Viewing effects suitable for TV, stage, cabaret & close-up shows.

Each large jumbo-sized picture card has a practice remote viewing picture of a place somewhere in the world, a four-digit number and an ESP symbol. With their aid you can easily give a demonstration of remote viewing, perform predictions, reproduce spectators’ thought of pictures and much more!

The picture cards are not marked in any way and can be shown and mixed. Even knowledgeable magicians may examine them without discovering the subtle secret.

They are ideal for close-up, cabaret, TV or stage and invaluable for walkabout. Easy to do, and it couldn’t possibly be made simpler to perform.

Remote Viewing Picture Deck will set you apart from other mentalists and we give you six professional tried and tested effects, but you will soon be thinking up many more. Get yours now!

Comes complete with twenty-five A6 sized matt laminated remote viewing picture cards & instructions.

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