Hypnotic Voice - Regular Bicycle

Hypnotic Voice - Regular Bicycle

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Based on a terrific idea by Terry Seabrooke & Alan White, I frequently used this item as a prelude to my hypnotism act always with great success!

Talking about hypnotism and how you have developed your hypnotic voice so that people obey your commands, you show a number of different playing cards together with a small pouch which can be examined.

A spectator shuffles the cards behind his back and then slips them into the pouch, still with everything hidden behind his back.

You now give him the command in your best hypnotic manner to, “Reach into the pouch and bring out a single playing card and pass it to me, it must be [for example] the Jack of Diamonds!”

Doing as you requested, your spectator brings forward just one card and incredibly it is the very card that you have just ordered! Proof indeed of your powerful hypnotic influence!

Cards do vary, you can choose either Jumbo playing cards (5” x 3.5”) suitable for stage & cabaret or regular Bicycle cards for close-up. You also receive an alternative routine called ‘Reversed Suggestion’. Hypnotic Voice is easy to do requiring just a little showmanship and presentation.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards, carrying pouch & instructions.

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