Eskimo Cards

Eskimo Cards

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“Have you ever thought about how Eskimos shuffle a pack of playing cards?” you ask your audience. They cannot use their fingers because they are inside their gloves, and you now proceed to demonstrate with a borrowed deck.

Following this everything that now happens does so in the spectators’ own hands; you NEVER touch the deck again.

After a few Eskimo or should one say Inuit-style shuffles, the pack is divided into halves by a spectator and then a second spectator cuts off a few cards, quantity unknown, hiding them in his pocket.

The first spectator remembers a card from the balance, which is then lost in the deck, and she then shuffles the pack, “Eskimo-style” thoroughly mixing the cards.

Only now does the second spectator reveal how many cards he removed earlier – let’s say it is twelve.

The first spectator counts down twelve cards in her Eskimo-style shuffled pack and turns the card at this number face upwards, and it proves to be her secretly chosen card!

Comes with instructions. Use your own cards even a borrowed one.

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