Psychic Ouija Boards

Psychic Ouija Boards

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Can the dead speak to us from the Spirit World? You show three different coloured laminated Ouija Boards laid out in a colourful row on a table, with which you propose to test a spectator’s, “Psychic abilities” and perhaps even contact the spirit world.

Your spectator places a single coin from their own pocket on each board in turn then places a finger on the coin sliding it up the board either to the YES or the NO at the top left and right.

In this manner they freely choose one of the coloured Ouija Boards (no force) using their own psychic instincts without any influence from you or any other living person.

Incredibly their intuition (or could it be the spirit of the Ouija Boards?) lead them to choose a single YES that exactly matches the only coloured board named in your prediction! The effect is easy to do and works every time.

Comes with three different coloured laminated Ouija boards (approx 5.5 x 4”, 14 x 10cm) a folder to keep them in, prediction card & instructions.

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