Bingo & Lotto Prediction Cards

Bingo & Lotto Prediction Cards

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Do you want to predict the Lotto? Or perhaps you prefer a winning Bingo card? - then you have come to the right place!

We supply a pack of number cards with numerals ranging from zero to 100, approximately playing card size together with instructions for performing both the above magical tricks with the greatest of ease and with a change of winning numbers at every performance.

Lotto Prediction: You give a sealed envelope to a celebrity among your audience for safekeeping and then introduce a deck of number cards from 1 to 59, which is thoroughly shuffled by members of your audience. No palming or adding extra cards.

Anyone deals six packets of number cards from the shuffled pack laying them out in a row and displaying six cards to represent the winning result in your mock Lotto Draw.

When your well-known audience member opens the envelope (no switch) he draws out a genuine current Lotto ticket with a single line of six numbers, these exactly match the numbers of the winning card line!

Cards, envelope and Lotto ticket can be left for examination. The winning numbers are always different at each performance.

Bingo Prediction: Several spectators each take a Bingo card and so do you. The deck of number cards is shuffled by audience members and cut etc, then numbers are dealt from the pack and called out loud by an audience member, each of the participants taking part either to win a full line or full house just as you prefer. Incredibly you win the game every time! No palming or adding extra cards.

Amazing effects for all types of audience. Bingo cards can be purchased on line. Lotto tickets can be bought from your usual seller. No skill is required save that of presentation.

Comes with the 0 to 100 number deck (approx 3.5” x 2.25”, 8.75 x 5.5cm) & instructions. Use your own Lotto tickets & Bingo cards.

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