Killer Cards

Killer Cards

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This effect was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland - Carroll was a member of The Magic Circle!

You show two sets of matching jumbo-sized playing cards, these being the KH, JS, QH, KS, JD and QC, one set is handed to a gentleman from your audience who holds them in full view whilst the other set is thoroughly shuffled.

A lady is asked to step forwards and using the shuffled cards, you pass one card at a time from the top to the bottom of this set, asking the lady to stop you at any time and the card in your hand will then be her selected lucky card.

Please note: the lady can stop you at any card she wishes without being influenced by you in any way. Nothing could appear fairer as regards her free selection.

The duplicate of the card chosen by the lady is passed to her by the gentleman from his matching set and she holds it herself in full view. You do NOT touch this card; the lady takes it from the gentleman herself.

You explain to the lady that she is involved in a game of chance and her fate will be decided by the card she has chosen. The gentleman from the audience now shows the back of the five cards NOT chosen one by one, and each one in bold letters shows words such as ‘Chop off head’, ‘Kill’ and so forth.

Looking perhaps a little worried now the lady is encouraged to show the back of her chosen card and to everyone’s relief it has the words ‘HUGS and applause please!’

Both you and the gentleman volunteer to provide the hugs and you lead the rest of the audience into the applause for them both, bringing the effect to a happy conclusion!

Killer Cards is perfect for weddings, engagement or anniversary parties with the happy couple at such occasions taking star roles.

Comes complete with the two sets of matching jumbo-sized laminated playing cards (approx 6 x 4", 15.5 x 10cm) & instructions.

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