Double Blank Surprise

Double Blank Surprise

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This is a superb comedy & display effect that leads everyone up the garden path until the final surprise!

You position a small envelope in full view as your prediction and a spectator secretly thinks of a number from one through to twelve.

Showing a blank packet of playing cards which you put into your spectator’s hands, twelve cards are laid into two rows of six or if you prefer into a circle representing a clock face from 1 to 12 and arranged around your prediction envelope.

The card at your spectator’s secret number becomes his choice and you claim this card matches perfectly your prediction card set aside in the envelope, which remains in full view the entire time.

When matching up the two cards your spectator complains that while the two cards do match, they are both blank cards.

Only then do you disclose that he has chosen the only card with an actual face value that exactly matches your prediction card and what is more every other card in the packet has a blank face, but when turned over they all have matching regular backs - the spectator has chosen the only card that has a face!

The value of the prediction cards can be changed for a repeat performance. Everything is fully examinable by any spectator. Reset in a moment. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with all the necessary playing cards, prediction envelope & instructions.

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