Two Fishy Tails

Two Fishy Tails

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You tell the tale of two competitors Fred and Bill in an angling competition, both arguing about who has caught the biggest fish.

Two funny-looking fish are shown, one coloured red and the other coloured blue and both seem to be the same size however one is shown to be longer than the other!

The losing fisherman stretches his and then his fish is proven to be longer, not to be outdone the other fisherman stretches his fish and it is still the biggest.

This business of stretching the fish each in turn can continue as many times as you wish until eventually, as the story goes, the competition judge shows they are actually both the same size, and you finish by saying, “That’s the tail of the two fish!”

Based on the classic boomerang trick this is a load of fun for any audience; children or adults & particularly suitable for gentlemen or club-style audiences.

The apparatus is lightweight and can be carried in your inside jacket pocket or they will sit flat in your bag ready for you to perform. Easy to do and always a winner.

Comes with two laminated boomerang shapes (approx 8.75 x 2.5”, 22.5 x 6.5cm) each with a fish on one side & a plain colour on the opposite side so that you can use them either with the fish or boomerang routine, & instructions.

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