Four of a Kind - Almost

Four of a Kind - Almost

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Four of a kind i.e. four sixes of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs (sets vary) are displayed and any spectator names one of them without your influencing or forcing their choice.

Amazingly, their chosen card proves to be the only one with a different coloured back.

The effect can immediately be repeated but something seems to go wrong and this time the selected card has the same colour back as the others.

Undaunted and with a mystic pass, the other cards magically change their colours to the one that is opposite to the chosen card!

Please note the following important points: No sticky stuff or anything similar is involved, instant reset ready for repeat performances, only four regular unfaked quality Bicycle poker cards are used – no extras. The trick is very easy to do.

Comes complete with the set of four quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

Post FREE in the UK. Overseas please add £5.00 for the extra postage to your country unless this is part of a larger order.

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