Card Explosion

Card Explosion

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You place a prediction paper in full view & never touch it again, then showing a small number of playing cards or even a full deck, you have it thoroughly shuffled and mixed by a spectator, who then dramatically tosses all the cards into the air so that they explode in different directions, either over the floor or onto a table.

The cards that land face up are removed and the ones face down are eliminated.

This is repeated by the spectator a number of times until only one card is left in play, the selected card is consequently chosen by this novel and exciting process of elimination.

Anyone takes the prediction paper still untouched by you and reads it out loud for all to hear. You have uncannily predicted the chosen playing card!

*Perform it again and it will be another card.
*No skill required save that of presentation.
*Resets in moments
*Easy to do!

We supply Card Explosion with a number of Bicycle Poker sized playing cards already for you to use but if you want to perform it with your own full deck of 52 cards then you are also able to do so.

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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