ESP Sign of Five

ESP Sign of Five

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Clever tricks with ESP symbol cards are ever popular & with the aid of this double set of ten laminated ESP signs many intriguing effects are possible! We explain five, but you will soon be inventing many more.

Effect no. 1: Roy’s Prediction: A fabulous easy-to-perform prediction effect that you will perform often, requiring no particular set-up.

Effect no. 2: ESP Mental Selection: Any ESP symbol merely thought of by a spectator is correctly revealed by the performer. No force or stooges used.

Effect no. 3: Deal or Double Deal: The performer arranges ten ESP cards in one pile in exactly the correct order that a spectator deals their corresponding ESP cards. A truly stunning prediction.

Effect no. 4: ESP Brainwave: With two matching sets of ESP cards a spectator and the performer each selects a symbol by chance, amazingly both symbols are an exact match!

Effect no. 5: Out of Order: You show the signs are all out of order and no matching symbols are together, yet with a single magic pass each and every sign now matches with its mate!

Comes complete with laminated poker card sized ESP cards & instructions.

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