Colourful Last Card - Sale item

Colourful Last Card - Sale item

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I have always loved the Last Card effect & have performed it many times using the Jack Silver’s Card Stand, but I wanted a version that I could use with the apparatus in full view & hand held. Colourful Last Card was my solution and was featured by me possibly three hundred times to great acclaim.

A large laminated card with three differently coloured panels on it (see photograph above), is shown (colours may vary from those shown); together with an examined and audience shuffled pack of playing cards. A playing card is now selected and then mixed back into the deck again.

The pack is cut into halves and a spectator indicates one half. The selected half is again cut into two packets and once more a portion is chosen. These remaining cards are now cut and placed onto the A4 card in three different packets, one to each coloured section.

To avoid any manipulation of the cards, a spectator freely chooses one of the colours and the other two packets are then eliminated. The cards at the selected colour are distributed around the A4 card with one card at each coloured section.

Two more colours are now freely eliminated, and the cards taken away leaving just a single playing card on its chosen colour. The chosen card is named and the spectator themselves can turn around the final card – incredibly it is the very self-same chosen card - but there is more!

When the coloured laminated display card is now turned around there is a giant picture of the chosen playing card on its back – your incredible prediction of the selected card!

No switch of the prediction, the colourful A4 card has been kept in full view throughout the performance. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with playing cards, colourful A4 sized laminated card & instructions.

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